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In lifestyle, SKIN on March 15, 2010 at 12:49 pm

Remember Water. want perfect skin? well you do understand that no moisturizer or cleanser or whatever product can give you perfect skin if you don’t look after what you ingest and put in your system. no detox regime will work. no amazing product. it all depends on how smart you want to be.

great. I just finished my bottle and don’t want to walk all the way to wherever to get another one. See, I am NOT being smart. the nearest establishment that offers drinks is coffee bean and if I’m gonna walk all the way there why not get me a cup of coffee? I hope I don’t. coffee causes cellulite! among other things, like haggy skin, circles under the eyes and ect. coffee has a number of chemicals in it, and the caffeine in it  exaggerates stress on the body and causes diuresis, or loss of hydration.

the average cup of coffee makes your kidneys work harder than they should, and can cause breakouts, flushing and blotchy skin. I’ve got one word for you, ew!

and don’t get me started on ornamin c. another favorite for most of us. do you know how much sugar it contains. read the ingredient list: sucrose, fructose, and i don’t remember but i hope not high fructose corn syrup because that is just death for your skin. i try try try to stop. so here’s to hoping, cheers.[ with a water bottle 😉 ]

oh and want better hair and skin? get a filter shower head that filters the chlorine out of the water. here’s a link :

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