Movie Reviews : Gigi & High Society.

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when choosing classic movies on the spot without research and at the store it’s either hit or miss. speaking of experience, I’ve found some yawners out there. I swear I have this one movie , let it remain nameless, that I’ve slept through 5 TIMES! ok, it was called the BIG SLEEP”( ironic right) but some might find it nice. to each his own right? anyways there are two movies I have watched lately, well, they are musicals if you’re picky, Gigi & High Society. both by MGM.

Gigi (1958) starring

Leslie Caron

is one of my all time favorite movies. it’s fairly simple, not a very complicated plot but oh so entertaining. she’s young and poor, he’s mature and rich. he’s bored of everything, she’s “backwards for her age”. ah I just love it!! and I don’t tier of it.

another movie that  is a fashionista must is HIGH SOCIETY (1956) starring


alongside FRANK Sinatra , & BING Crosby with a special appearance of LOUIS Armstrong.  I recommend this movie because of the setting, the style, and the MUSIC. sensational! really is!the opening song is “high high, high soci, high society!”

Here ms. Kelly ( btw this was the last movie she made before becoming princess of Monaco, she was engaged during the filming of  this movie and used her own engagement ring, quoted as a”skating rink” as a prop in the movie) anyway, here ms. Kelly ,Tracey Lord in the movies, is engaged to “Charlie” a guy not from her  class, but she was once married to C.K dexter, who conveniently is hosting a jazz festival around the same time of her wedding, and frank Sinatra is a reporter from SPY magazine who is covering her wedding. spy magazine had to blackmail their way in the door, btw. I can’t explain properly because I’m too JAZZED up wanting to post the pics, so here they are.


High Society :

pictured above is an Oscar De La Renta dress inspired by Kelly’s dress in the movie.

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