Diamonds and Rubies and All Things Expensive

In JEWELRY, news&opinions, review on April 4, 2010 at 7:31 am

SHJ jewelry and watch EXPO

The DIAMONDs, the RUBIEs, the EMERALDs!!!

KILL ME NOW, with a gold bullet from a diamond encrusted gold 45 please.  These pictures are only of some of the wonders of the jewelry expo. There were hundreds and hundreds of jewels that I either was shy to ask  permission to take snaps of or was turned down after I asked. there were the huge brown diamond encrusted flower earrings, the extraordinary solitaire diamond rings and many more. all you need is to cancel all appointments for a certain day and spend it roaming the aisles of the expo. Did I mention the prices? some of the big stores here in Dubai had jewels at almost HALF OFF! HALF OFF! can you believe it. well it’s not like I was going to buy the half a mill rose cute diamond earrings but one can dream, can’t I ? everything I adore I just say InshaALLAH , roughly meaning maybe one day. you never know 😉

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