It’s in the EYES

In news&opinions on April 11, 2010 at 9:53 am

ever wonder why some people are just so attractive? I mean when they aren’t naturally beautiful, that is. beauty doesn’t equal attractiveness and visa versa.

A double whammy of beauty and attractiveness is what everyone dreams of, BUT ( and that is a big but) attractiveness is more, well, ATTRACTIVE.

ever wonder why a lot of girls swoon at the sight of chuck bass, and no I don’t mean Ed Westwick the actor I mean chuck bass the character. IT’S IN THE EYES!

i know this is him out of character, but this is the look.

the way he carries himself ( oh, and I haven’t seen gossip girl in ages! ) in the show is very ….

I don’t know. He has a certain je ne sais quoi, and so does TOM FORD.

like I was telling my friend the other day he isn’t beautiful at all. I say if you put him in a farm milking cows he would fit right in but he has “it”. its in his eyes.

it’s the look!

and the double whammy is ……


anyways, on another note. as seen on inmyheels the new tom ford lipstick range.

Cherry Lush, and Moroccan Rose are my picks. :*

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