Under pressure – that burns a building down

In news&opinions on April 26, 2010 at 7:11 am

these days blogs have to be updated every few seconds or they are labeled irrelevant. especially fashion blogs. since fashion is always changing and new things and ideas are popping up every nanosecond around the world you as a blogger have to keep on the look, always on the hunt. that’s generally the rule for every field and major, and yes fashion is a field because it has as much history as any other science. if not more.  but what about us students that have a million things to work on and hand in. things that aren’t as interesting as whatever we want to blog about. as for myself I find myself thinking about ideas for posts for my blog more than thinking about my work. work work work work! it’s always there. it never ends  , and you could end up working on the same thing for days. how boring! while I’m busy at work on whatever assignment (yeah right) I am missing out on a lot on the net. but I have to remind myself that for now this blog is only secondary 😦 and I should concentrate on my work.

what I ment by starting this post and before rambling on about other things is that I think I don’t want to update about just anything just to stay relevant. I like working on posts that need research. so here’s to research, cheers {with a water bottle again 😉 }

photo credit – Muse

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