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In ILOVE, shopped&bought on May 17, 2010 at 12:10 pm

I’m saying it loud, I’m saying it proud, I AM A GEEK.

Now that that’s over we can move to the main topic. T-SHIRTS.

I love dressing up but I can’t let go of my t-shirts. I literally have stacks of them in my closet & even though I thought I have enough I WANT MORE. Lately  – after watching a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory – I’m dying to get my hands on a periodic table t-shirt. Found one on Ebay, YAAAAAY.

sadly, it’s a men’s size :(. But I want it anyway.

and one of the favorite ones I have is this “my boyfriend is a superhero” T.

I got it a few years back but I found one on Ebay too. 😀

oh, and I found another cute one by the same brand

Don't we all *sigh*

the way I see it is yes, a t-shirt is a simple clothing choice but it has to be perfect! if I don’t think they’re perfect I don’t wear them a lot. a perfect T to me is

A. Soft and Thin

B. Reflects your personality

C. Comfy and could be worn stylishly or as a PJ top :p

I love this sheikh Zayed T by Munabu Ozawa

got it a few years back too from 5green, but alas it isn’t thin 😦

Ebay is so cute, I love it

I got a “karl who” t-shirt that I LOOOVE.

you know how people collect stuff , like shells or stamps, I think I collect t-shirts

one that I dug out of my closet recently is this Oscar De La Renta for Saks 5th breast cancer T

I think mine looks a bit different.

here are other ones I loved.

get your big bang theory t-shirts here !!!

The way I like to wear them…

with a good pair of jeans, flared, wide-legged, or skinny

with a long cardigan

chic them up

& I want this vintage Kelly to chic the T up, *sigh*

and at home with my geeky glasses

If you have any cute Ts to show me I’ll leave the comment option open for you :*

oh, I cant believe I forgot my fav e.vil shirt

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