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In news&opinions on May 25, 2010 at 3:09 pm

Since summer is ” 3al abwab ” knocking on doors ( poor translation 🙂 ) and for those of us who are traveling and don’t want to replace our current sim cards for one of _________________( fill in the blank for wherever you’re going)’s sims. And still need that country’s local number for a better ( smaller ) etisalat bill :p . Keep your current number and get another cheap phone for the new temporary sim card. Here are cute phones from Samsung that’ll keep you looking stylish all summer long. I’m getting the golden flip one because I don’t want to lose my blackberry privileges and still need another “local” sim for wherever I’m going. It ( the phone ) looks sizzling and I want it!

  1. How much are they ?

    • The big pinkish one is nine hundred and forty something , the golden flip one is around eight hundred nighty something. Could be off by 10-20 dhs though.

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