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In ILOVE, SHOES on July 11, 2010 at 7:12 am

I’ve been in love with these shoes for a year now. I saw the dark green flats in a magazine once last summer and have been on the prowl for them ever since. sadly the flats weren’t as popularly ordered as these heels and when I finally gave up on the flats and was deciding on these I was sadly too late in my decision making as they’ve sold out in Dubai. And, lucky me found these in a cute shoe boutique right here in the gold coast called Princess Yasmin – owners lived in Dubai for a while and still go back from time to time , loved them ❤ – anyways, these are the last pair and they're in MY SIZE. can you believe it. see I've always said that if God wanted me to have something I'll have it. I am EXTREMELY happy right now. FYI it ain't shallow to be happy over a new coveted pair of shoes.

L.O.L. ( lots of love ),
The Hotness Monster

  1. OMG mabrook hessa , I LOVE THIS PAIR OF SHOES ! lucky u for finding it ! its sooooo YOU ❤

  2. wo0o0ow mashalllah ,,raw3a el shoes..
    malboos el3afya ya rab 🙂

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