Why Merci Ms Catherine B

In ILOVE, lifestyle, review on September 2, 2010 at 2:21 am

Last winter in Paris was amazing. If not for the joyous walks and times spent with my dad and siblings then for the single visit to the vintage store Catherine B. Located on the other side of the river seine – a.k.a not the arab infested side ( love my peops ! but there everywhere within a file mile radius of the Champs-Elysee ) – the store houses a wonderful and glorious collection of vintage Chanel and Hermes EVERYTHING. I found some pictures online but believe me they are nothing compared to the real thing.

I remember I thought the store looked kind of big and empty when i first walked in and didn’t find anything that made my heart sing so I dreadingly asked if they had more colors of a certain bag. let me tell you I didn’t regret that question EVER. the sales lady took me outside the store and unlocked the door next to their entrance. right when the door opened and the light had shown through I almost wept. I found the treasure chest, the holy grail of vintage bags. crocodile Constances, Kellys, and chanels! there were blue ones, red ones, camel and gray ones. to quote my father on explaining the moment ” Hessa looking at the bags went ahhh, and me looking at my wallet OUCH!” 😛 I just love my dad.

Believe me the pictures show nothing of the wonder that is Catherine B. the racks were stacked and they were about to explode from the sheer number of fabulous merchandise.

i leave you to Plan your next trip to Paris, and don’t forget to bring along your trusted friend. so that’s one ticket with the name of the Hotness Monster on it 😉

Happy Booking :*

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