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Picasso reincarnate , The new talented Emarati artist Kawla Al Marri mixes her work with pleasure… in other words Art and fashion. The Dubai based artist inspirations were from her childhood,  the 80’s and the 90’s. Khawla paints about her favourite icons and legends like Karl Lagerfeld , Anna Wintour & Christian Louboutin also known as “Red Soles” to name a few.


What’s awe-inspiring in Kawla’s work is the touch of Arabic in her paintings  like the Karl’s portrait.
Van Gogh and Andy Warhol play a major influence in Khawla’s work. My favourite series of her work is “ The Viva Dubai “



•    What made you choose McQueen for this series ?  Its true he’s one of the legends we lost but why him? we also lost Gianni Versace and Yves Saint Laurant ? Why Alexander McQueen? I think what made me choose McQueen is his passion of creating something different.All designers have that passion but McQueen’s passion was quiet different,it was a mixture of reality and a dream world.He managed to create this new kind of dreamland especially in his runway shows.A dream land that made us fall in love with fashion and maybe even look beyond this.He didnt just create fashion,he created ART!



•    What did you like about the series while painting them ? and did you faced any difficulties while working on them? I loved the vibrant colors and i loved the idea of me trying to create a tiny part of his amazing creations,the difficult part was creating pieces that could strongly represent McQueen.


•    Before starting to paint the McQueen paintings , what did you had in mind to paint , what were the 3 icons that you chose to represent McQueen and why? I remember discussing this project with some of my friends and I did have the skulls,shoes and the runway models in mind but i wanted to add “color” to the pieces cause I think that vibrant and strong colors do represent originality,just like McQueen’s work.

•    Do you think someone will replace McQueen in the future? Any future designer you think will impress us like McQueen? I do think that creativity is part of many people’s personalities and there are alot of great designers out there who have that,I do not have a specific name in mind but I do hope that we encounter designers who would simply shock us with their creativity just like he did.




Butti Ahmed

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