Who isn’t a fan of Celine?

In BAGS, ILOVE, shopped&bought on December 6, 2010 at 9:58 am

Who isn’t a fan of Celine?

the people at Celine have outdone themselves the past couple of years. I for one am in love with these lambskin totes. they are very soft, light, and easy to carry. not to mention how cute and tres chic they look. but in order to accommodate my abayah I bought the larger one,  it’s a much wider version of the cabas in maroon. it’s called the shopper.

this is how it looks like

but in this color


I think i forgot about the rest of my bags after getting this one. its reaaaaally comfy and chic without trying too hard.

I think I want a cabas for when I travel.. we’ll see  what god has in store for me 😉

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