Student Training

In lifestyle, what I wore on December 25, 2010 at 10:05 am

Rashid Hospital folders are so FLY! ^ this is part of one of the folders. I don’t know if all hospitals have the same files but what I noticed is that the hospital wards are really colorful. well this one is. I really hope I end up working here ’cause the hours are great and the work is exactly what we are taught to do and your constantly learning something new.

I feel so busy mainly because i got used to the lazy life with classes starting at 1 pm 4 times a week and a class that starts at 3 pm once a week and now i wake up early to go to the hospital before classes. I like being busy and having something to do, other than university work which i hate.

im sorry if you can’t follow my thoughts cause well they aren’t coherent right now. I’m just writing whatever comes to mind. again i apologize for that 😛

look at this calendar, according to it we’re going to experience rain all month next month. very hard to believe. but hey at least they’re hoping.

i cant think straight so ill leave blogging for another time. now i want to go out 🙂

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