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In ILOVE, JEWELRY, shopped&bought on January 5, 2011 at 5:57 am

I love buying cute stuff for bargain prices. Who doesn’t right? Well here are two of my favorite accessories that I bought from ….,.. Makkah. The holy city itself. The earrings are my absolute all time favorite out of all the pairs I own- I am an earring freak!- so yeah I love them. Can you guys how much ? 30 SR! 30! I’ve had them for ages and I’ve worn them everywhere.

The necklace is part of a set that cost 300 SR. I lost the earrings but what I love out of the set are the necklace and the ring. Absolutely gorgeous!
I love wearing the necklace when I hang out with friends and I feel it would suit my look

What are ur Fav smart finds? Do tell. :*

Bisou Bisou
, Hessa

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