FavAbaya part 1

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1. my favorite abayah, knit abaya with silver threads. perfect for the colder winter months 2. Hunoof from inmyheels‘s favorite abaya from DAS 3. GORGEOUS linked to next picture 4. both of these beauty’s are aliyah’s favorite abayas 5. Deema’s favorite abayah that I fell in love with 6. Hessa’s lovely mustard colored ( i think :s ) abaya which is tres tres chic and bright without being too colorful.

Thanks to all the beautiful participations.

if you would like to share with us your favorite abayah send in a picture  to












i want to go make new abayahs now 😉




  1. Hi I’m always looking for a great place to make abayas that don’t have crazy high prices and are elegant and chic, so I think you should have the people who share their fave abayas give the names of the places and prices. I enjoyed the post anyway.

  2. Loooooooooooooooved deema’s abaya ❤ From where ??????????

  3. wow I really like Hunoof amd Hessa’s Abayas!
    gr8 post!

  4. you can ask deema at , shamma i think so too but if girls dont want to share then i wont pressure them to 🙂

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