Oh Baby!

In ILOVE, SHOES on March 13, 2011 at 8:34 pm

My sister is going to have a field day with this post. She is – like probably most of you are – aware of my extremely high platform/wedge obsession. its more of an addiction really, and If i was petite framed I  would look normal wearing them, but I’m not and I dont mind looking eccentric wearing them in public.

so ha!

Unless you live under a rock, and If you’re not Patrick from Bikini Bottom I guess you don’t, you’ve probably seen them EVERYWHERE! In all the magazines and all over the internet. I have but I didn’t know they came in “oceanic blue”. you’ve got to admit the name “oceanic blue” makes you want to buy them even more. I want them both!

I’m glad that I finally have something to covet and want so much I’ll try to convince my dad to get both. like most fathers he  wouldn’t agree to getting two of the same thing I don’t even think he’ll let me get one either. I bet he’ll say I’ll fall and break my nose.

“but hey I’d look good doing it”



* I might’ve gotten the name “oceanic blue” wrong but it still sounds good to me. its Baobab blue but I’ll still call it oceanic

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