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If you’ve got frizz-prone hair then this is the product for you.  I can’t believe the difference in my hair ! other serums I’ve used in the past weren’t as helpful but those didn’t claim to be anti-frizz so maybe that’s why .

my hair feels so much softer. my ends not so much they still feel brittle but don’t look so damaged anymore.

because I didn’t know how to take care of my hair before and I just do whatever I wanted to it I now have really damaged hair. well its just the lower third part of my hair, which I’m planning to grow out so I can cut the damaged part instead of just cutting it and then taking care of it. It took time to grow my hair back so I refuse to just cut it to shoulder length again ( it’s a cycle I go though , cut it to shoulder length, grow it out – process takes about 2 years – then cut it again) so now I’m on a quest for perfect or better looking, healthier hair.

(haha quest , sounds like a plot for a Disney movie :p)

I bought this and other products on this quest.

said quest consists of :

  • getting my weekly treatments at the salon
  • getting heat protective spray
  • getting microfiber towels and turbans for drying my hair with
  • brushing my hair before washing
  • brushing wet hair only with a wide-toothed comb
  • taking care to actually condition my hair and not just buy shampoo and conditioner sets just because they look better together

hmmm what else? do you guys have any ideas ? I AM ALL EARS 😀


this is the only heat protection spray I could find. if you know any other available in the region TELL ME ! ;p no seriously this one’s way too sticky when used with a straightener

wow I just noticed everything is pink! my wide-toothed comb is pink too :p

OMG my straightener is pink too !!! i don’t remember being so girly

  1. where did you find the hair turban

  2. Kerastase 😉

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