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wow! I want a lot of what’s in this post. *fingers crossed* here’s to hoping 😉

this is quoted from the about page on her official site

Kimberly McDonald has always had a deep love and appreciation for nature and these attributes have found their way into her fine jewelry line. The North Carolina native, now based in New York City, has created an entire collection using natural and organic materials such as agates and geodes, complimented by natural/untreated fine materials such as diamonds, raw emeralds, and baroque pearls. McDonald’s commitment to honoring nature is further underscored by her use of reclaimed gold and wood, and recycled diamonds and other precious stones.

“There is such an abundance of material out there, we need not continue to harvest many of the materials needed to create. I like to think of each creation as an extension of what nature has given us and we strive to preserve the integrity of the material and its unique energy. We also strive to reuse rather than reap. Jewelry was initially created to carry symbolic talismans and stones of energy or import. I believe it should still have that meaning and that we can accomplish this without pillaging nature.”


If I can’t have everything then I just want those cuffs (second picture from top) gorgeous ! absolutely gorgeous !


Celebs seen wearing these beauties are Demi Moore, Vanessa Williams, Michelle Pfeiffer, Minnie Driver, Sarah Jessica Parker, Brooke Shields and the list just goes on and on.

I stumbled on other similar lines of jewelry which are just as amazing while searching for Kim McD jewelery. I’ll learn more about those and post ASAP

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