when I depotted my mac eyeshadows and stuck them on to the pro palette

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It took a little while to get used to the depotting  and I struggled to stick the eyeshadows on with a magnet. you  know cz it’s a magnetized palette but I just let go of that idea and just stuck them on with whatever glue that was already on them. the glue held on pretty tight and its easy to pry them out when and if i need to.

I did this myself ’cause my shadow pots were at home when I bought the palettes. the artist at the nearest mac store told me how to go through the whole process but I had to go to YouTube to see exactly how its done. seriously what did we used to do before YouTube? google maybe. but anyways there were a ton of how to videos that use different equipment like a straightening iron , or a heat-less tutorial , but this was my easiest bet so…. but now im kinda dizzy (or high) from all the fumes.

I’m so happy with my results (after a few fails, e.g. picture below) but there are other videos that show you how to mend eyeshadows and the like… so I’ll try to do that after I get my hands on some blush palettes.

Oh and thanks to the “back to mac” program I now have two new free lipsticks… return 6 packaging thingies and get a free lipstick .. i was hoping for free eyeshadow but hey we cant have everything

some of these pictures were taken a day apart. ergo the different backgrounds.
  1. I just depotted all my eyeshadows and had a question about Back to Mac. Did you put the melted plastic insert back into eyeshadow case and return those also? Thanks!

  2. Yes they take the melted ones too since it’s all for recycling purposes . I asked that question too when I got there 🙂 big relief when she said yes cz mine were in horrible shape :p

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