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Im so over the dark dark lips look and went the totally opposite way. FLASHY! 

Flashy lips not everything.

that change happened when I visited a mac shop a few weeks ago and saw this

“style curve” cremesheen from the stylishly yours collection.

other colors I got to change it up are up the amp (one of my sister’s faves) and impassioned.

oops! I forgot to mention mac’s lip liner in magenta 

SEPHORA’s new ultra vinyl lipstick pencils in “vinyl raspberry” and “coral glow” are as of now faves as well.

the vinyl raspberry looks amazing over BOBBI BROWN’s “red” lip liner

vinyl raspberry:

Coral glow:

this is just something Ive been giddy about for a while. yes makeup makes me giddy. dont judge.

 I dont know if you would call this (the bright lip colors)  a trend. they’ve always been available but don’t you notice that you like to change it up every once in a while. I do. change is good for the soul and all that. oh and when I said trend I mean maybe we all get into one because subconsciously  we see it all around us and because we want a change we get into whatever that thing is and in the end we all love the same thing and it ends up as a trend.

I don’t think that made any sense whatsoever, maybe because my cousin is sitting right next to me with a big juicy piece of chocolate cake in her hand. I cant concentrate. I want that cake! bye.

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