I LOVE: ByTERRY’s Bronze Expert Sheer Cream Blush

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For Wafa Suliman of wafaobsessions :

Since Im going through a tanning process right now- I know very bad of me- I really needed a makeup change. my make-up for super white doesn’t match quite right anymore but luckily I had this in between my makeup drawers.

By Terry’s Bronze Expert Sheer Cream Blush in number 1

I swatched  it for you guys but put in mind this is after blending

in case you were wondering I used a MAC 130 brush

which as you can see it a flat-topped brush ideal for cream blushes.

PS: for all of you who love brushes and want this 130 brush i suggest you head on over to your nearest mac store since they really don’t get that much brushes anymore

  1. hessa :’)
    ana a7bek,
    i’ll get the brush asap, gotta go shopping for makeup
    xoxo ❤

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