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      How come im the last person to find out about these?!


I don’t know how long the Maybelline mousse range has been available

in the middle east but Im sure glad it is. I am in love with their blush mousse. so far I have the soft plum , coffee cake, and cloud wine ( i know , the name just feels weird, cloud wine? ) anyways they are so soft , easy to apply and they stay put for a reasonably longer time than most blushes.

so yesterday I had what was supposed to be a quick stop into boots for hair mousse turn into a huge drugstore makeup shopping spree, which turned into a massive all sorts of makeup shopping spree . Maybelline , L’oreal , Rimmel, you name it! I am a newly converted drugstore makeup freak!

Did yo know that the founder of Maybelline Tom Lyle Williams named his company after his sister Mabel because she used to mix petroleum jelly ( vaseline, duh!) and coal dust and ash from a burnt cork and applied it to her lashes hence the name maybelline … mabel-line , like vaseline, get it?  wanasa!

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