Great Great GREAT Value For Money Makeup

In beauty, ILOVE, MAKEUP, news&opinions, review, shopped&bought on June 9, 2011 at 9:14 pm

Thank god for Sephora!

40 x  wearable eyeshadows at 0.54 g each

5  x 0.48 g eyeliner colors

15 x 0.34 g Lipgloss colors

4  x 2.81 g blushes

and 2 x 2.81 g bronzers

and all for the price of 239 Dirhams !

that’s not the best part.

in this palette you get an empty mini palette that you can customize according to your makeup that day so you can take only the colors you want with you in your purse.

and the products are of great quality so don’t think cheap price equals cheap quality.

Sephora has them stacked right at their entrance right now so I suggest you go get yourself one ASAP. I know Im going back for another one :p I want my little sister to have one for herself too

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