Ode to Purse Sprays

In beauty, ILOVE, lifestyle, review on June 9, 2011 at 8:45 pm

Hunoof, this goes out to you ;p

Im not an avid perfume sprayer. (for personal religious views)I barely use the stuff but I do love having them, perfumes that is. and Purse Sprays are too adorable to pass on. I just purchased the COCO MADEMOISELLE Purse spray . ah, it’s just heavenly. it smells amazing, looks so chic and is very handy.


Other cute Purse Sprays :

  1. hi.. where can i find it ??

  2. You can find the Chanel ones at Debenhams . I hot mine from the one at Dubai Mall

  3. i cant live without my chanel purse spray, (no5 for winter, coco mademoiselle for summer) although i dont use them alot for religious reasons too, but they come in handy and every girl need 1

  4. Love!! im so going to get these!!

    i recently got the roller perfumes from sephora NY which im in love with at the moment!!

    but this is definatly a must have!

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