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Say NO to Frizz

In beauty, HAIR, ILOVE, lifestyle, review, Salon lab on May 31, 2011 at 1:49 pm

It’s summer here in Dubai, so you know what that means , complete and utter humidity!

and what comes with that humidity? big frizzy hair.

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Review : mimi’s Diva Dryer

In beauty, HAIR, review, Salon lab, shopped&bought on May 20, 2011 at 4:48 am

A while ago I bought the aquis mimi’s diva dryer microfiber hair towel and turban. They’re supposed to dry your hair faster ,& they’re supposed to be gentler on your hair. They finally arrived not too long ago so I can actually review them for you guys now . Here we go:

The towel:

I love the towel! It is so soft and omg it really does dry your hair faster but the downside is because I got it in white it is constantly lost between all the other small white towels of the house.

The turban:

It’s nice & convenient but I was told you shouldn’t twist your hair and especially not when it’s wet since you’ll damage it more

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Hair: BaByliss icurl

In beauty, HAIR, ILOVE, lifestyle, review, shopped&bought on March 25, 2011 at 2:27 pm

Remember the YouTube Obsession post ? one of the videos shows you how to use your straightener as a curler. I tried that with my straightener but I don’t know if it was my impatience that day, my hair, or the heat protector that I used but it just took way too long to do all my hair. So when I saw the selection of hair tools at Carrefour today I had to get this BaByliss Icurl that’s both a straightener and curler thats used exactly for the last video in YouTube Obsession ‘s way of curling.

I wanted to get another tool that can be used for straightening and curling your hair the usual way but that one was out of stock. but this one’s just as good. and OMG how my whole head of hair was done in practically no time!



I know most of you don’t understand Swedish. I don’t either but you get the gist of the idea. I chose this video because the products used in it are available here and because the video is clear.

If you get used to using it and if you just do it smoothly you wont get those lines you see she gets in her hair. I did my mom’s hair today after I forced her and it turned out great.