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Interview: Dana Al-Khalifa of

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When I stumbled on to I smiled. like really really smiled. there are dozens of style blogs in the region but none that I would actually take inspiration from; none until I saw Dana’s blog. Our Arab ladies sure know how to dress but now we have proof! :p

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what makes her blog stand out are the way a lot of the pictures are taken. I love how they are actual photographs- like they aren’t just “look at what I’m wearing” – they are editorial-grade shots!


I instantly felt the need to share but just linking her blog wasn’t enough. so here now, ladies and gentlemen , is an Interview conducted by yours truly with the fabulous, smart, sweetheart Dana:

to get this interview started I did a bit of basic research on you and learned that you are a lawyer with a masters degree; its great to see someone with great fashion sense that works outside the fashion industry- style & brains!  truly inspiring. – can you tell us how your fashion sense fits into your work life.

Yes, this is true. I studied in London. I did both my undergraduate and graduate degrees in the University of London (SOAS and King’s College respectively). London exposed me to a lot of fashion. Every body had a unique sense of style. I was in London during my “growing up” phase and I evolved as a person in terms of style and character.

Describe your style ( which I am loving! btw )  :

Thank you for the compliment! My style I would say is very feminine and a little conservative, something that a grandmother would wear but with something shiny and much brighter in colour-I love colour! Anything that’s lace, tulle and silk is my style, Overdressed much?!
All this is quiet odd because I grew up as a tomboy and lived in Benetton shorts!

What’s your favorite occasion to dress up for ?
Honestly, for me everyday is an occasion to dress up. When you look and feel great you reflect that energy on to the world and good things come your way. I get it from my grandfather who always looks like he’s going somewhere even if he isn’t!

Favorite outfit?
My favorite outfit is something that holds meaning and a lot of memory, because I love things that tell a story. Recently I wore my mother’s 1987 green and black sequined dress to a wedding and loved every minute of wearing it. The dress is so modern, even though its 24 years old! 


What are you obsessed with lately ?
Books! I will always and forever be obsessed with books-fashion and jewelry books mostly. I have accumulated so many over the years. I’m bursting at the seams with books, literally, I need to build a whole new room to double as my library!

Favorite shoes ?
I love Charlotte Olympia’s shoes for their ultra femininity and slight burlesque feel, although, my nude peep toe Louboutin remain my fail safe option.
I do wear heels very often especially during the day so I go for Miu Miu or Fendi for “acceptable” day time height and comfort.

Most coveted item in your closet ?
The most treasured item I own is my diamond and ebony ring. It holds a lot of meaning for me because the diamond was gifted to my grandmother, my inspiration, by my father. When she passed away, the diamond came back to me. I wear it everyday, that way my inspiration remains close to me.

P.S to Dana:
I love your shoes!