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Help Wanted

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Im looking for models and photographers in Dubai ASAP




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Dubai Foundation for Women and Children is organizing a charity gala “BALLET FOR CHILDHOOD” on the 19th of November, 2011 which is also known as the International Day for Prevention of Child Abuse, and all proceeds of the event will go to victims of child abuse residing at the foundation’s shelter and child abuse community awareness programs.

Dubai Foundation for Women and Children(DFWAC) is the first licensed non-profit shelter in the UAE for women and children victims of domestic violence, child abuse, and human trafficking. It was established to offer victims immediate protection and support services in accordance with international human rights obligations. The foundation provides a helpline, emergency shelter, and support services. DFWAC aims to protect abused women and children, prevent abuse and violence, and promote social awareness.

See you there :*

Lanvin Drama

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when I say drama I mean DRAMA ! i arrived up to 10 seconds after they opened the door and I didn’t see this :

Picture taken from the Gulf news website

what I saw was bare hangers! everywhere! everyone was grabbing everything and not just one piece per person it was each girl had five of the same dress in hand (tsk tsk ladies)

i quickly went into do-or-die mode and grabbed the things i wanted even if they weren’t in my size. but as soon as i found what was in my size i quickly dropped it and got what i want. 😀

I’m extremely happy with what I ended up buying. what i couldn’t find on the hangers I lurked around the fitting rooms for whatever was available. I got the sunglasses this way 😀 😀 😀

and I had my trusted partner in crime Hunoof who got the sheer jacket for me . did i say how much I love that girl!

this shopping experience was sooo much fun. it reminded me of that episode in Seinfeld ( i think ) where Elaine and other women were fighting over discount wedding dresses, single women too. was it seinfeld of another show ?? i cant really remember . it was just very funny i was laughing all through it. I’ve also got proof.

I am in one of the pictures in gulf news. it really doesn’t show that it was me but it shows how much i was smiling and how much fun i was having

for those who have been asking this is what I got:

the ones in black boxes are what I personally bought and the ones in red are the ones my sister got for me from H&M Tokyo.